Ryobi Trimmer, Mower, and Blower review.


Brushless Ryobi mower


Hey guys another triple threat today this time we’re doing the lawn equipment the lawn mower the weed eater and the blower stay tuned

alright guys the grass is getting a little too long so we have pulled these out of storage and are going to set them up and get them ready for the first lawn mowing day of the year

we have here today the 20 inch brushless Ryobi mower this is the ryobi 4 zero one zero seven

we’ve got a full video on this one you can check that out


Lithium hybrid 18 volt Ryobi blower


This here is the lithium hybrid 18 volt Ryobi blower

this is the p2 107 we also have video on this one check that out

and last up here is the weed eater and this one is the pea 2200 and video coming soon on this but this is the 2200 also hybrid model so we’ll show you what we do and how we get these set up here so as far

Ryobi Weed Eater

As the weed eater goes there’s not much setup required

I do prefer to run it with the battery over the corded option just because the cord gets in the way and you can potentially cut it

things like that so battery here goes on the back right next to handle and it’s ready to go

the only other thing that you’d want to check is how much line you have and they do have refill packages for the line and

this is actually one thing that’s been probably a dislike about it is just getting this cap off but once you get

the cap off I can see in there there’s plenty of line so we’ll pop that back down and that’s ready to go

next up is the blower again not much setup needed if you have this separated for the winter had it compact you just need to put it back together but otherwise again not much setup needed

and with it being hybrid as well we prefer the Rio BP 108 batteries the four amp power batteries plug that in and

she’s ready to go

last up here is the lawnmower itself now we’ve got it in the compact mode or storage mode here so what we’ll need to do is simply pull the handle up like this and there’s a couple of locks on

the side here we’ll go and just lock those in place and again you can watch our full video on this lawn mower linked

in the description below

to see some of our full opinions on the locking mechanism and the storage feature that this provides but here we’ve got that just tighten that up

this one here tighten that one as well

clicks into place and I like to make sure that this cable is kind of wrapped around that so it’s not dangling

next up

we’ll throw in the batteries now one trick that I’ve done is I’ve labeled the batteries with a label maker and just put the different batteries so I know which order to use the batteries in I

have a ABC and D battery right here we have the C battery we’ll go ahead and put this in the active spot so thatone’s being used and then the on-board storage will throw the d battery in there now

it does also require the fuse

key few key goes right in here like so and that’s in place that’s down and then

the next decision we have is to whether to mulch with the mulching attachment or to bag the bagger in this case being the

first of the season we’re gonna go ahead and bag it just to clean up a little bit

it’s also probably good to thatch it or to rake it up as well but for this we’re just gonna use the bag last up is the height adjustment and for this lawnmower

one of the things you may have noticed in our previous review of this lawnmower is that it doesn’t go high enough for what we’d prefer I’d like it to go even higher but we have it on the highest setting and go down but again we have it up here on the highest setting there

otherwise we’re ready to go the first thing that I like to do is to edge just a personal preference I like to edge that way when I come back with the lawnmower and the bagger it’s actually picking up some of that that’s being cut up on that edge and then the blower doesn’t have as much to do but again personal preference

I prefer to edge first so we’ll go ahead and show you that real quick all right so we are set up ready to edge here now

this trimmer also has the ability to edge and we can there’s a little collar here and if we pull that we can then twist the collar to the edge position so we see it’s an edge and if we need to change the height adjustment we can spin this here and extend or retract that as needed but once we have it in place now

we are in edging mode and ready to go so we’ll show you how it works here one thing that’s nice about being ableto switch between the edging and trimming mode is on these large areas where you’ve been trimming but then there’s a large chunk of grass as youcan see this is just crazy thick deep grass lawn mower probably won’t love that

what we can do is flip it to the trim mode and with it in trim mode we can cut out some of this excess or ifit’s in a hard-to-reach location on a corner or a tight area we can use the trim mode flip it quickly to trim afterdoing the edging and we’ll be able totrim this up here like so

you also notice here we can run along the fence and then quickly switch back to the edge mode so we’re in trim right

now so we’ll run along the fence and then switch to the edge mode for the remaining section there

alright guys one thing I really like about trimming and edging is as you can see it almost looks like it’s been mowedor cleaned up it’s just a this is a good

good clean cut again that’s my personal preference the way I like to edge and cut but now that we’ve got that done we’ll go ahead and start the mower here and personally I like to run in a few different patterns for the start of the season

I’m gonna run around the edge and then just go back and forth but we’ll go ahead and do that now to start the mower again if you watch our full video we’ll show you that as well but just a push of

the button here pull the handles and it’ll start up one thing that’s really nice about the Lumpur is because it’s plastic and lightweight you’ll notice I can pick it up on some of these corners and maneuver it a lot easier than you could a more traditional lawnmower just because of the size and weight of it

and now that we’ve done one pass we’ll go ahead and just go back around all right bag is starting to fill up you

can see it’s starting to come cave a little bit they’re not quite full yet but getting there nearly full here yeah there he goes so you definitely

filling up there look inside and it is full so we’ll go ahead and pull that out there it’s a full bag we’ll go ahead andempty it come back for more

all right guys we are at ready to empty the bag and one other thing that I really like about this bag including the fact that the handles fairly ergonomic feels good in the hand if we go to empty the bag here we can’t lift it up and it empties pretty well even with one hand it stays open really well and it empties everything out and we’re back at it

alright that is it for the grass now the other thing like I said I like to edge first because it allows me to run the mower and that is the one time when I will actually drop the lawnmower to its lowest setting which I call the sweeper setting for the cement so we’ll take it over to the cement now basically just sweeping

alright guys so now we are ready for the blower here and there it is guys all done grass is cut and cleaned and trimmed and edged it is good to go so guys that’s it the weed eater lawn mower and blower did awesome cleaned it up real nice a couple of yellow spots in the grass we’ll have to take care of some time but otherwise for the first cut of the season looks good and excited to do more

that’s it for today thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the video

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