Ryobi Shop Vacuum Review – P713 hand vacuum

Hey everyone, today we are looking at the Ryobi ONE+ shop vac. It’s the P713, it’s the hand vacuum.

What we’re going to do is take a look at some of the good, the bad and some of the ugly. So stick around, we’ll show you what we got today.

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Alright guys, first and foremost, want to talk about some of the good things that this vacuum has.

I’ve had other hand vacs like this that suffer in a lot of ways and this one it has some good improvements. First off, it is very durable, very bulky, a really good grip on it.

Ryobi Shop tank

The tank size or the vacuum size is actually fairly decent, fairly big for being just a little hand vac, it holds a lot. The filters are very easy to clean, you have the mesh in the front and then you actually have an air filter here that you can remove and replace as well.

Ryobi Shop vac grip

The bulk pickup of the vacuum is actually really good again it picks up a lot, has the ability there. It has an attachment that stays with the vacuum.

That’s one thing I’ve been annoyed with in the past.

You get a small vac like this and then it’ll have all these attachments that you can’t do anything with or you don’t know where to put ‘em.

So this one’s nice, that it stays together here.

In addition, it does again work with the ONE+ system, so that’s a huge bonus. It has the battery system that we know and love, and connects really quick and easy, and it’s ready to go, so.

Those are some of the good things. It’s also small enough that, I as you notice here, it’s in my vehicle, it’s in my car, I actually keep it in the car and I keep it with the battery charger.

So I keep battery, the vacuum, and the charger all in my car at all times.

That way, like in this case, we’re on vacation, we’re on a trip, we have it ready, and we can clean up messes like we see here.

Ryobi Shop Vacuum

Alright, now for a few of the things that I don’t love about this tool.

  • The first one is; the battery placement if you’re using one of the 4 amp hour batteries, these big batteries, the battery light indicator is on the wrong side.
  • To tell you how the battery charge is is actually tucked away in side here, so you can’t see it.
  • There’s no way to tell how much battery you have left while it’s in.
  • You actually have to take the battery out, and look at it here. And for people with smaller hands, that it’s difficult to put your hand around the battery, like my wife. It’s difficult for her to get the battery out when it’s these big ones, and so to check the battery life and how it’s doing is kind of a pain there.
  • Another thing that’s not great, is this filter that I was just showing you, it is somewhat difficult. This part’s easy to get out and you can empty it fairly easy, but to clean out inside this filter the way this is set up, is to pinch together, and can be kind of a pain if you’re trying to get that filter out, can kinda get stuck or it’s difficult to use but otherwise not too bad.

Ryobi Shop vac grip

Alright guys now for the ugly here. The worst thing about this tool, is actually the switch. The ON/OFF switch. It’s ridiculous.

For some reason the way that it slides up is, it’s just a cheap switch there’s just something broken inside.

I’ve actually had two different models and they’re identical, they do the exact same thing. When you turn it on, I’ll take the battery out so you can see this.

When you turn it on, the button pushes up and slides over just a little bit, just enough that when you try and pull it down, you can’t get it back down.

You actually have to, and it’s hard to see, but you have to push it over just a little bit, and then you can pull it down. And it’s really stiff, it’s a really hard button.

Up is really easy, but to get this thing off, is actually pretty difficult. For some reason, I don’t know why, and again I’ve had two of these identical models. The p713s, they are, for whatever reason, difficult to turn off.

And it’s really a pain because you’ll be vacuuming, and it’s loud, and somebody wants to talk to you, and you’ll go to turn it off, and it’s just jam jam jammed, and then you can finally pull it down.

So that’s the worst part about it, is that stinkin’ switch, I don’t know what they did or why it’s so difficult.

You’d think that the switch would be easy it’s just up and down, but yep, right there, see it won’t come, it won’t come down.

You have to slide it over, just a little bit, tiny bit and then pull it down and now it’s off.

Ryobi Shop Vac

So there it is guys that’s how it works.

  1. I keep it in my car or I throw one in my car when I’m traveling.
  2. Keep the battery, keep the charger, just in case we have little spills or clean ups that we need to take care of.
  3. With kids and what not you wanna make sure that you’re able to can clean up those messes quickly, and this is the best way that I’ve found.
  4. It’s a really good tool, aside from it’s flaws, and when the make a better version we’ll definitely have to try that out, so.

Now I don’t use this one at the house very often, I keep it all nice and bundled up.

In fact it still has the little plastic on there, keep your little plug nice and safe. But, I love this one for traveling, it’s great because you can have it- It does the quick charge, 30 minutes; does all your battery types, all your sensors.

It’s just an awesome charger to have, and definitely in combination with traveling it’s perfect and it slides right into my little cubby.

In fact any kind of cubby you have, it’s just so compact and nice and easy to store. Just like that.

Ryobi vacuum

it goes under the seat pretty well. It’s not completely concealed, but it’s well enough. In fact we could slide it the other way, and sometimes that works better.

But it’s still nice and handy, underneath the seat and available for if we needed it there.

 As I mentioned I really like most of the things about this vacuum, definitely better than any other hand vac that I’ve had in the past.

However there are those downsides, some of the negatives that I talked about, that I really wish they’d improve on.

We’ll see what happens in the future.

At some point I’ll probably run this through some other tests. Show you, some of it’s strengths, how well it can pick things up, but in the meantime it’s a nice tool to have on the go.

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