A NEW Ryobi Tool is COMING SOON! – The P3260

Ryobi tool set

Hey guys today we have a few things to talk about some updates on this channel some YouTube news  and most exciting a new 18 volt 1 plus tool that is coming
soon stay tuned

Alright guys starting off with the channel updates as always we want to say thank you to you guys for watching as we’ve said before if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here we really appreciate all of the tool requests we’ve been getting I know it’s taken a while to get
them to you but I promise they’re coming.
Next we want to talk about all of the changes coming to YouTube that you may or may not have heard about basically
YouTube is starting to crack down on the
YouTube creators what they’re going to
do is raise the minimum barrier to entry
in their monetization program so a
little history on this last year you
could set up a YouTube account and begin
monetizing it almost immediately but
unfortunately some creators began
abusing the system and that forced
YouTube to make changes the sad part is
it affects the small YouTube creators
more than anyone else because no one is
grandfathered in to their new
monetization program but the good news
for you guys is if you like this channel
we’re gonna continue making videos and
releasing content as often as we can
however there are many good YouTube
channels out there that you watch that
may stop making videos because of the
new requirements so what can you do to
help well one of the new requirements is
that a channel has to have over a
thousand subscribers before it can
requalified for the program so guys if
there’s any channels out there that you
know of and you like their content we
recommend you pause this video right now
go over to their Channel and hit that
subscribe button and if you don’t know
of a channel that has under a thousand
subscribers but you want to help out we
recommend you check out a YouTube
creator that recently subscribed to us
the channel is called hi-5 Vega
they have just under 500 subscribers
they do a lot of really cool stuff with
audio equipment and even have giveaways
and other cool stuff so we have a link
to their channel in the description
below check them out and if you like
their videos make sure to hit that
subscribe button
that means said obviously if you like
this channel and what we’re do
make sure to hit the subscribe button
here as well alright guys and now onto
the tool news if you’ve been on Rio B’s
website or their YouTube channel you’ve
probably already seen this but it’s
really cool and we’re really excited
about it it’s the new Ryobi + One
oneplus Devourer cordless sweeper this
thing looks awesome
so guys real quick we’ll run through
some of the features and specifications
this thing has so right off the bat guys
they’re touting more than two hours of
runtime a 4.5 gallon tub capacity for
collecting debris and comes in just
under 18 pounds some of the other cool
features about this sweeper is it has a
foot actuated power switch the ability
to adjust the rear wheel height for use
on various terrains integrated LED
headlights so you can see everything
this is going to devour and then the
justa beliving handle that allows for
compact storage it has a cleaning width
of 21 inches with rotating brushes that
spin at approximately a hundred and
fifty-five reps per minute and then guys
they’re the best two things about this
the first is it uses the one plus system
that we know and love and the second is
it comes in at a hundred and thirty nine
dollars advertised on the new video
obviously there’s gonna be a lot of
plastic on this just like all the other
Ryobi tools but at 1:39 this is
extremely affordable for a tool like
this really excited to get our hands on
it check it out see how the quality is
and then give you guys a review well
guys that’s it for today thanks again
for watching if you like this video make
sure to hit that thumbs up if you like
what we’re doing on the channel again
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uploading new videos each and every week
as always make sure to comment below to
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