Kyocera Acquires Ryobi Power Tools!

Kyocera Officially Acquires Ryobi Power Tools

Kyocera Officially Acquires Ryobi Power Tools!

The Ryobi Power Tools have been official acquired by Kyocera on January 10th, 2018.

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CLARIFICATION: Kyocera is NOT acquiring Techtronic Industries North America (TTI). As we mentioned in the video, The Ryobi brand of power tools sold in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand will remain available with TTI as the manufacture and distributor.

What does this mean for Ryobi, Watch the video and find out. Want to see more Ryobi tool reviews?

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Hey guys it’s official Kyocera has acquired Ryobi’s power tool business let’s talk about it.

Stay tuned hey guys before we get into the acquisition and what that all means we’re gonna talk about this channel and give you a quick news update.
The first being that this segment the news segment that we’ve been doing has been one of our most popular so going forward we’re looking to continue having a news briefing either weekly bi-weekly or monthly as new Ryobi news comes out and new things are coming.
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Alright so a little background on this acquisition Ryobi actually has four main divisions the first is their die-casting.
  • The second is their power tools
  • The third is their builders hardware
  • The fourth is printing equipment so sometime last year
Ryobi announced that they were going to be splitting the organization and as part of that Kyocera was going to purchase the power tool portion of the business and as planned.
Kyocera acquired 80% and established the Kyocera industrial tool corporation which is an enterprise established from the company split of the Ryobi limited power tool business.
The deal was initially announced on October 31st in the Ryobi limited executed a company split on January 10th.
The new company will operate the power tool business as a member of the Kyocera group.
The name of the new company will be the Kyocera industrial tool corporation but the Ryobi brand power tool sold in the United States Canada Europe Australia and New Zealand will remain available with techtronic industries.
Oh as the manufacturer and distributor of these products so guys this is a big change but as of right now probably won’t see very much of an effect at least not initially especially where TTI is still going to maintain the manufacturing and distributing of all the Ryobi products in those regions now.
What’s going to happen in the future obviously we don’t know they could make some other changes as Kyocera already has other interests in other business areas we could see some collaboration.
There or maybe none at all we don’t know but it’s something to keep our eye on and although this does not affect the Ryobi brand immediately it is definitely at a high level something to pay
attention to and to be aware of.
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