Craftsman vs Ryobi – Driving Speed Test


Hey guys, you asked for it. Today we’re testing the Ryobi P251 Drill mode,

Stick around

Alright guys so today we’re testing the p251. So it’s competitors we’ve got the older p208b and we’ve got a 10 year old craftsman corded

So the Ryobi p251 it is the brushless hammer dirll it’s got a drill drive and hammer, today we’re just going to be testing the drive mode

We got the Ryobi p208, this is the little bit older model, still got a lot of the same features.

And over on this side we’ve got the craftsman VSR this is a corded 10 year old drill that we have here

What we’re going to be testing these drills on, we got 2 pieces of 2×4 we’re going to be drilling through and we’ve got these different size of screws

We got a 1 ¼, 1 ⅝, and 2 ½.

For starters we’re going to be doing the Craftsman Pro. VSR drill. So We got 4 of the 1 ¼ screws. We’re going to see how fast we can get those in, and get them back out. So here we go. Ready… and… *Drill*

Take ‘em back out now

Move on to the 1 ⅝ here we go, Here we go

Alright next one.

 Come on.  So it’s not quite my favorite drill and the final one

Alright guys, can’t tell you how truly not excited I am for this one. Here we go.

Let’s go forward… that might work

Phew, c’mon.

K, Reverse

Gahhhahah Phew hot HOT.. lets a.. Be ware

We’re on to the P208b. this is the older model. This one is not brushless. So we’re starting off with the- make sure we’re going forward. Starting off with the 1 ¼ inch. Ready, here we go.

Hey look!! It’s magnetic. (sorry, got distracted. First time using the drill)

Oh. we’ll thats cheating, we’ll go onto this one. Uhoh missed

Here we go with the set of 1 ⅝. Going forward again. Ready and…

Thats a… c‘mon    Wow..

Here we go.

Phew, lets turn this up to 20.

Whew, can’t hold it.  Already this drill is just, so much easier. Don’t hold. Thats right

Here it is, P251 Brushless hammer drill. Here we go.

Oh Golly.. Thats a little bit much. Turn it down, go to 8. Holy gosh. There we go, and final screw. And back out.

Thats just… thats just rediculous. Alright. There we go! 8

Reverse. Alright, loving this handle on the side. Thats just making this go so much easier.

2.5s LOL, *So much Power*

*and yet…..turn it up!!*

*well… can I do it Lefty? Nope.*

Come back to him. There we go.

*And again…*

Alright, Change of bit, see if that makes a difference. What in the world.



Uh… lets try this again. Nope, We’re going to a new hole

*YAY *

There we go! You too.

We’re a little behind with the drive-in time, so let’s see if we can make up for it with our out time.


Ahh, there we go!

Alright guys, that concludes the drive test for today we got the pro craftstmen up agains the p208b and the brand new brushless hammer drill p251, if you liked this video be sure to like and subscribe so you can see our upcoming videos on the drill and hammer modes of the driver. Also, leave us a comment below and let us know what videos you would like to see next.

Memo to self- do not hold the screws after they come out. Believe we’re on drill mode. Here we go , that screams.

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